If you’ve been in the construction game for long, you’ll know that a JCB backhoe is a quality piece of equipment. But why is their equipment so popular? Let’s take a look at the company’s history and their products to find the answer.

Getting To Know JCB

JCB is a company founded by Joseph Cyril Bamford in 1945. During its 67 year existence, JCB has worked towards being a strong global force in the world of construction. Today, JCB is one of the world’s top 3 marketers and manufacturers of construction equipment.

JCB has provided over 10,000 jobs in 150 countries located on 4 different continents. It has also produced over 300 construction machines and distributes them to the world through their 2000 dealer depots. When it comes to the numbers game, JCB is a company that plays well.

Jcb Backhoe Parts

Among the products that JCB is known for are its backhoe loaders. In fact, in the United Kingdom, all backhoe-equipped diggers, despite their actual brands, are more commonly known as JCBs instead of backhoes.

JCB backhoes are arguably the most efficient backhoes available for sale in the market today. Their success in this niche is attributed to the high quality JCB backhoe parts that are put in their machines. The company has also developed a variety of patented designs that make their backhoe loaders truly unique.

 Jcb Backhoe Loaders

JCB’s latest line of backhoe loaders are top notch in terms of stability and design. For example, the 1CX JCB backhoe loader is the smallest in the company’s arsenal. This 1.4 m wide backhoe loader has the ability to turn on its axis because of JCB’s Skid Steer design, a feature exclusive to the JCB Company. Another excellent JCB backhoe is the 2CX.

The 2CX is a backhoe loader with a four-wheel steer. This gives the machine excellent maneuverability. It also has Roll Over Protective Structures (ROPS) and Falling Objects Protective Structures (FOPS). These parts ensure that the machine maintains the highest standards of construction safety. Furthermore, the 2CX’s multiple attachments make it a versatile machine.

If you want more Eco-friendly machines, you should try asking JCB backhoe dealers for the JCB 3X Eco or the JCB 4X Eco. These machines are the latest products of JCB Innovation. Basically, these two machines promise to save over 1,600 liters of diesel for 1000 hours’ worth of operation. This is a god send for any entrepreneur in the digging games.

The Eco in the machines’ names come from their EcoDig abilities. EcoDig is basically an improved hydraulic system installed within the Eco backhoe loaders. This system features three hydraulic cylinders which greatly improve the digging function of the loaders. Because of this, the operator doesn’t have to rev the engine multiple times which consequently reduces the fuel consumed.  The new machines also have the EcoLoad and EcoRoad features which help improve the backhoe loaders’ traction and speed respectively. JCB offers more choices in terms of backhoes on their website.

Buying A JCB Backhoe

images (1)When buying a JCB Backhoe for sale, it’s best to find a dealer who is familiar with the brand, particularly if you’re going to buy a used or older JCB model. They are the ones who can help certify the authenticity of the backhoe. They can also give you the model’s specifications, particularly if the machine’s manual has been lost or misplaced.

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