When buying a backhoe for home or industrial use, a good backhoe to consider is a Woods backhoe. Woods is one of the best players in the construction game and their long history of making construction equipment gives them an edge against their competitors.

Woods Equipment Company

The Woods Equipment Company or simply Woods was founded in 1946 by Mervel, Keith and Leonard Wood. These three were the first to create a rotary cutter attachment that could be mounted onto a tractor. This attachment was used for cutting various types of vegetation. Today, Woods is one of the top manufacturers of high quality replacement parts and attachments for backhoes, tractors and other construction equipment.

The Woods Equipment Company is actually a collection of 7 excellent companies such as Tisco and Altic. Their combined history and experience have allowed them to learn from each other and to fuse their knowledge to produce truly outstanding construction equipment.

Woods Backhoes

Woods backhoe loaders have always been ideal for light construction and landscaping. That’s why they dominate in jobs such as golf courses and nurseries. They’re also ideal for agriculture projects, particularly for farming.

One of the innovations of Woods in terms of their backhoe loaders is the Groundbreaker series. The backhoes that belong to the Groundbreaker series are powerful machines that are perfect for anything from simple projects in your backyard to heavy industrial work.

These backhoes have a unique mounting system which makes them easy put on or take off even without any tools. They’re versatile enough to fit onto a wide range of tractors because of their 3 point hitch option. They’re also quite cheap and they come with a 2-year warranty. However, if you can’t seem to afford the new backhoes from the Groundbreaker series, why not try to rent or buy used Woods models such as the 750 or the 7500?


Woods 750

The Woods 750 backhoe is one of the older models of backhoes produced by this company. It came out around the 90’s and was sold at around $4,800. What’s amazing about this model is, many of those who’ve bought it then still have and use them today. In fact, buying this model used can still set you back around $2,000.

The Woods 750 was designed for light work, but some of the user reviews and descriptions say that it can survive heavier jobs such as septic tank and leach bed installations. If you have light projects at home and you find a used 750 for sale, this is a good investment.

Woods 7500

JCB_-_Backhoe_loaderThe Woods 5700 backhoe is actually part of the Groundbreaker series albeit being an older model. This model has a 7.5 inch digging depth with a 16” bucket. The Woods 7500 can easily fit onto a Kubota compact tractor or on a New Holland Tractor.

The 7500 also has the same easy on – easy off mounting mechanism of the Groundbreaker series. This means that this model doesn’t need any special brackets or attachments for it to fit your tractor. This backhoe, if you buy used, will cost you around $3,200. This is still a good investment considering how well-made this backhoe is.

Every Woods backhoe attachment or machine is tested to stand the test of time. But if you have a used Woods backhoe that needs servicing, always remember to buy original Woods backhoe parts to maintain your equipment’s quality.

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