If you’ve got a lot of light landscaping or agriculture projects in you farm or backyard, a good investment to make is to buy a small backhoe. There are a myriad of names and brands that sell mini backhoes for reasonable prices. But before you start buying anything, here are a few questions you need to ask yourself first.

What Will I Use It For?

Buying a small backhoe for sale isn’t a laughing matter. Even the smallest of backhoes can set you back thousands of dollars. So before investing in this type of equipment, you should make a list of what you’ll be using it for.

Good uses of backhoes include gardening and landscaping jobs. If you plan to start a vegetable garden, rose garden or any garden at all, you’re going to be digging a lot. A backhoe is a good thing to have on hand, particularly if you have to work on a huge area.

Another good use for a backhoe is trenching. If you need to install new sewer pipes or a new sprinkler system, a good backhoe loader is your friend. Backhoes can also be good for demolishing old decrepit storage houses. Just remember that the bigger the project, the bigger the size of the backhoe you’ll need.

How Long Will I Use It For?

Before getting a backhoe, you need to know how long you will be using it. If you have a lot of projects lined up or if you’re a landscape artist or a farmer, then getting a backhoe and tractor is a good investment.

However, if you only have one small project in your home then it’s better of you just rent one. Try looking for a small backhoe rental shop in your locality. Renting a backhoe instead of buying one will save you money on parts and maintenance. Plus, rental shops can help identify the best backhoe loader you’ll need based on what jobs you have to do.

Should I Buy A Used Or New Backhoe?

If you’re intent on buying a small backhoe loader, choosing between a used or new backhoe loader is really up to your budget. New backhoe loaders have the advantage of durability. Basically since it’s new, you can use the machine longer without having it break down. Plus new machines still have their warranty and manuals intact so repair and service isn’t a problem.

Of course, the disadvantage of buying a new backhoe is cost. Even a small backhoe attachment can set you back hundreds of dollars if you insist on buying it brand new. But if you have the money, then go for it. If you don’t, then a used backhoe is your option.

Buying a used backhoe for sale can be a blessing or a curse, depending on how well you assess it. When buying a used backhoe, always check if its parts are working and its attachments are in good condition. If it’s your first time buying, get an unbiased expert. It’s better to pay a little extra for an expert who knows about the business rather than paying hundreds for repairs.

Another good thing to check when buying used loaders is the machine’s hours. Some machines can only last up to 1,000 hours of work before its parts and attachments break down. Others can last for up to 10,000 hours. Be sure to check out the model of what you’re buying so you know its specifications.

What Brand Should I Buy?

jcb-backhoe-3dx-superSelecting a specific brand of backhoe or is really up to your personal preference. It’s best if you check out the company’s history because it tells you a lot about the knowledge and experience that was put into the machine. Brands like Case, CAT, JCB and Woods are good brands to look for. If you still can’t decide, try talking to a local dealer to find the machine that fits your needs.

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