It is said that if you want to be sure about buying a backhoe you can’t go wrong with a Case backhoe. With more than a hundred years of excellent performance, Case Construction Equipment ensures that every machine you buy from their company is guaranteed to last and give you your money’s worth.

Case History

Case was founded by JI Case in 1842 at Racine Wisconsin. Back then, they were famous for making threshing machines which could harvest wheat up to 10x faster than doing it by hand. Years later, the company was first to patent the first extendable boom. Today, Case is an international company that makes and supplies construction equipment.

Case 580

Whether you’re looking to buy a new or used backhoe loader, a good choice to consider is the Case 580 Backhoe. This backhoe is one of the machines in the famous N series – a line-up of tough machines designed for increased productivity and versatility.

The 580 is a backhoe with a digging depth of 14.5” and a 52 HP gasoline engine (or diesel, whichever you prefer). The 580 comes with a 4-speed transmission equipped with a Torque Converter. The Torque Converter helps increase the loader’s power, depending on the weight of the load being carried. It also has a Power Shuttle feature that eliminates the need for a clutch. If you want for a faster backhoe, the 580 also has an 8-speed direct drive version.

The 580 has a single hydraulics system that controls both the backhoe and the loader. This means that the backhoe has lessened lag time even when lifting or dropping the bucket in high speed.

The 580 Case backhoe is built to withstand a lot of punishment. Its articulated arm is made out of a massive steel alloy. Its pins and bushings are hardened so they can withstand a greater amount of stress. This is important because the 580 Case is advertised to be able to lift weights of up to 3,800 lbs. using Case’s patented Hydra-Leveling Loader. It also has a wide array of steel alloy buckets and attachments to choose from.

You can buy a secondhand Case 580 for around $9,000 – $10,000 depending on its condition and the number of hours it has been used. This is actually cheap considering its specifications. From the new to the old, let’s take a look at another backhoe, the classic Case 530.

Case 530

The Case 530 backhoe is one of the oldest backhoes loaders in the Case arsenal. This model was released in 1964 with the name Case 530 CK or Construction King. This model has a 14” digging depth and a 52 horsepower engine powered by either diesel or gasoline, whichever you choose.

The 530 has the patented Case-O-Matic Torque, a feature that helps double the backhoe loader’s push-power. It has an 8-speed transmission that can be used in two ways namely torque converter or direct drive, depending on what you need. This means that the 530 is highly versatile and can function under any work condition.

This model can lift up to 2,500 lbs. through its one hydraulic system. This feature means that a single system is used to power both the front loader and the backhoe, ensuring there are less lags when using the attachments.

The Case 530 originally cost $5,700 when it was first released in the 60’s. Today, you can buy a used 530 for around $2,000. If you need to repair or replace any Case backhoe parts, always make sure to buy original parts so you don’t sacrifice quality for price.

Why Buy Case?

LGB680-Backhoe-Loader-with-EPA-Engine-Cummins-B3-3C-The good thing about buying Case machines for sale is the fact that they have a long history of making them. Being in this business for so long means two things: first is that your products are good enough that people keep buying them, and second is that you’ve been doing this for so long that you’ve probably already perfected the process. The Case name is a symbol of quality and durability which are the characteristics that all construction equipment need to have.

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